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Ear Pwr announce North American tour dates

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Ear Pwr

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MP3: Ear Pwr – “Future Eyes”

Blistering thumpers with infectious melodies, Disco chants with wild-eyed electro anthems: all part of the unique electronic vision of Baltimore’s Ear Pwr. Devin and Sarah, the fiery young duo known as Ear Pwr, have blended together bits of Italo Disco, Baltimore Club, and twee indie pop to create a nuclear party grenade that will blow your mind. Their booty-shaking aesthetic has never sounded more enticing than on their new record Super Animal Brothers III. This scorcher of an album is hitting the pavement at full throttle. No party is complete without it!


Devin Booze and Sarah Reynolds found each other in the spring of 2005 after Sarah became of loyal fan of Devin’s party-punk band, Hide and Seek. That summer, the two began meeting up nearly every afternoon for 2-person dance parties. Not long into their courtship, they started improvising new words to their favorite songs, feeding off of each other and mesmerizing their buddies. It soon became evident that they “had the same brain.”

One evening, while admiring their ancient tape player and wondering just how old it was, they noticed the word “EAR” above the headphone jack and “PWR” above the power input. They decided that they were EAR PWR, even though they weren’t quite sure what that meant. At the close of the summer, Sarah departed Winston-Salem for a one-year stay in Italy and Devin began college in Asheville, NC, but their commitment to the idea of “EAR PWR” never wavered.

In Sarah’s absence, Devin (also a concert tubaist and drummer) wrote a multitude of danceable electronic jams using analog devices. When Sarah returned, she wrote the lyrics. Their immediate goals were simple: Make people dance. Make people happy. Soon after, they took their project live, playing shows all over North Carolina and steadily brought the dance party to the entire east coast. During this time, they also recorded a full-length album and an EP. In the summer of 2008, the pair kicked off their first U.S. tour with good friends, Future Islands, at Whartscape and were introduced to the wonderful world of Baltimore where they will soon reside full time.

As much fun as their recordings are, it’s during their live shows that EAR PWR truly shines. Armed with only a suitcase of synths and a megaphone, their enthusiasm and mutual admiration sparks into a fun-loving barrage of body-moving electro and infectious silliness that’s hard to ignore. Sarah lays down rap-style vocals and simple melodies that glide easily over the beats to become unshakably ingrained in your psyche for days on end. Devin, the seemingly innocent hype man, bobs and weaves in-and-out of the crowd like a man possessed, while frantically spewing his dance floor sales pitch, punctuating Sarah’s vocals and generally rousing the rabble like a an Afro-ed pied piper.

EAR PWR’s sonic aesthetic has never sounded more enticing than on their new record Super Animal Brothers III. They have blended together bits of Italo Disco, Baltimore Club, and twee indie pop to create a nuclear party grenade that is sure to blow your mind.

Ear Pwr Tinnitus

– These North Carolina natives have recently moved to Baltimore where they’ll be keeping it real with fellow dance party specialists Dan Deacon, Adventure and Future Islands.
– Armed with only a suitcase of synths and a megaphone, Ear Pwr have been bringing to their kinetic live party to underground spaces all over America.
– Devin has recently completed his studies in the Bob Moog founded music technology program at UNC-Asheville where he learned to create the synths that give Ear Pwr its distinctive sound.


May 2nd – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Docs
May 13th – Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight
May 17th – Baltimore, MD @ The Zodiac*
May 19th – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio*
May 22nd – Washington, D.C. @ Comet Ping Pong*
May 23rd – Philadelphia, PA @ Pilam*
May 24th – New York, NY @ Cake Shop*
May 25th – Providence, RI @ Min Pin 4 Ever
May 26th – Boston, MA @ Church of Boston
May 27th – Kittery, ME @ Buoy Gallery
May 28th – Montreal, QC @ Zoo Bizarre
May 29th – Toronto, ONT @ Primary Color Presents
May 30th – Detroit, MI @ Division Street Boutique
May 31st – Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s
June 1st – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
June 3rd – Kansas City, MO @ The Pistol Social Club
June 4th – Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
June 6th – Seattle, WA @ Healthy Times Fun Club
June 7th – Olympia, WA @ Northern
June 10th – Portland, OR @ Holocene*
June 12th – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern*
June 13th – San Jose, CA @ Nickel City Arcade*
June 14th – Los Angeles, CA @ Space 15 Twenty (Daytime show 1pm)*
June 14th – Los Angeles, CA @ BBQ at Art and Mayhem (Afternoon show 4 – 10 p.m.)*
June 15th – Los Angeles, CA @ Pehrspace*
June 16th – Irvine, CA @ Acrobatics Every Day*
June 19th – Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar*
June 20th – Dallas, TX @ The Handsome Kitten*
June 21st – Houston, TX @ Mango’s Cafe*
June 22nd – New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar*
June 23rd – Little Rock, AK @ Rad Hizzy*
June 24th – Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light*
June 25th – Asheville, NC @ Mo Daddy’s*
June 26th – Atlanta, GA @ 529*
June 27th – Durham, NC @ The Pin Hook*
June 28th – Greenville, NC @ Spazz Haus*
June 29th – Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar*
June 30th – Baltimore, MD @ The Zodiac*

* with Adventure

Ear Pwr
Super Animal Brothers III
Street date: May 19, 2009

1. Tripodium
2. Beam Of Light
3. Super Animal Bros. III
4. Future Eyes
5. Sparkley Sweater
6. Cats Is People Too
7. You Are The Bom
8. Boys II Volcanoes
9. Jams O Jamz
10. Diamonds Liquor Leather
11. Goofy Award
12. Discover Your Colors
13. Ghostride The Buffalo
14. Mexican Newspaper
15. Epic Suitcase
16. Secret Stars

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