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Princeton announces a special Chanukkah show in LA on Dec. 12, plus the premiere of the “Calypso Gold” video and a remix from Fol Chen!

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MP3: “Shout It Out” (Fol Chen Remix)


Inspired in part by Yo La Tengo’s annual run of Chanukkah shows, Princeton will play a special Chanukkah themed show in LA on Dec. 12 with guests Parson Red Heads. The show will feature surprise collaborations, and eight hand-picked Chanukkah gifts to be given out to audience members over the course of the evening.

The show will also serve as a homecoming show for the band, who have just recently wrapped up a 3 month tour supporting Ra Ra Riot, Art Brut and OK GO.


Los Angeles-based Princeton released its debut record, Cocoon of Love, September 29th on Kanine Records. Growing up on Princeton Street in Santa Monica, the group now lives in an aging green house on a hillside in the Eagle Rock district of LA where their album was recorded.

Among the many detrimental effects that love has on the mind, one of the more subtle is the way it litters the memory with a batch of misplaced associations – places, figures, products and (especially) music that, through chance, become invested with deep personal significance. This detritus of love is scattered all over Princeton’s, Cocoon of Love, right down to its title, taken from a chance line on a long-ago-cancelled children’s show. Stacks of herbal tea, a glow-in-the-dark monument, paperback writers, the Wall Street Journal, a departing Mercedes, The Metamorphosis, a series of Cambridge-commissioned paintings, video arcades, graffiti, and a cyclist on the Autobahn all figure prominently into Princeton’s musical sketches.

Princeton is twin brothers Jesse & Matt Kivel, Ben Usen and David Kitz.


Dec. 12 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland – Chanukkah show w/ Parson Red Heads

Cocoon of Love
Street Date: Sept. 29, 2009

1. Sadie and Andy (feat. Meredith Metcalf)
2. Show Some Love, When Your Man Gets Home
3. Calypso Gold
4. Korean War Memorial
5. Stunner Shades in Heaven
6. Martina and Clive Krantz
7. Shout it Out
8. Sylvie
9. I Left My Love in Nagasaki
10. Worried Head
11. The Wild

Shout it Out (Digital Only Single)
Street Date: Dec. 8, 2009

1. Shout it Out (album version)
2. Moonbeams
3. Shout it Out (Fol Chen Remix)

Calypso Gold 7″ Single
(Jodie & Victor)
Street Date: Jan. 18, 2010


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