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Cloud Nothings sign to Carpark, ready new collection, tour with Fucked Up

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Cloud Nothings

Turning On collects previous EP, 7″, cassette tracks

MP3: “Hey Cool Kid”


Less than a year into their existence, Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings have made quite an impression. 18 year old Dylan Baldi recorded a handful of taut catchy lo-fi indie rock songs on his computer over the winter. Next thing we know folks are praising his songs with adjectives like “ebullient”, “punchy”, and “insanely catchy”. Over the course of 2010, Cloud Nothings proceeded to release a handful of singles and EPs, mostly in limited vinyl or cdr editions. With Carpark’s release of Turning On, music fans the world over can now hear and enjoy Cloud Nothings without scouring the internet in search of hard-to-find seven inch singles. The incendiary Turning On EP, the ultra limited and rollicking Group Tightener seven inch single, and two killer songs from a super-hard-to-find cassette only release are now available in one handy package! These thirteen songs are the perfect introduction to the heavenly world of Cloud Nothings, and an ideal primer for the highly-anticipated full length this winter.

Cloud Nothings is the brainchild of 18 year old Cleveland resident Dylan Baldi. Late in 2009, he started recording a bunch of catchy indie rock songs on his computer in the basement of his parent’s house. Dylan wasn’t so concerned with them being lo-fi. But since he only had his simple computer and a crappy microphone that’s the way they turned out. Almost immediately praise was bestowed upon young Dylan, and as new songs were unleashed, the online excitement only grew.

Dylan needed to take his songs on the road, so he formed a band with TJ Duke on bass, Jayson Gerycz on drums, and Joe Boyer on guitar. Their first show was in New York last December opening for Real Estate and Woods. Since then the band has played SXSW, toured with Wavves, and played shows with such bands as Titus Andronicus, Parts & Labor, Best Coast, and Kurt Vile. Their live shows have become super tight, displaying an intensity and precision rarely seen in bands of any age.

2010 has been very busy for Cloud Nothings. First there was the Turning On EP, then a seven inch single on Group Tightener and then another one on Old Flame as well as a super rare split cassette release on Bathetic. This fall, Carpark compiles the Turning On EP, the Group Tightener single, and two songs from the split cassette for a handy introductory compilation called simply Turning On.

Cloud Nothings are recording their first full length this summer in Baltimore with Chester Gwazda who has also recorded albums for folks like Dan Deacon and Future Islands. The album is planned for a winter 2011 release. It probably won’t be as lo-fi as his past stuff.


09/06 Providence, RI – Club Hell *
09/07 New Haven, CT – Lilly’s Pad Toad’s Upstairs *
09/08 Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
09/09 Washington, DC – Rock and Roll Hotel *

* = w/ Fucked Up

Cloud Nothings
Turning On
Street Date: Oct. 12, 2010

1. Cant Stay Awake
2. Old Street
3. You Are Opening
4. Turning On
5. Hey Cool Kid
6. Water Turns Back
7. Whaddya Wanna Know
8. Real Thing
9. Strummin
10. My Little Raygun
11. I Am Rooftop
12. Morgan
13. Another Man


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