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New Brad Laner split 12″ with Joensuu 1685 on Norwegian Label Splendour

By May 12, 2011No Comments

Available now via Hometapes in North America

MP3: Brad Laner “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” (Chicago Cover)

A collaborative 12″ by noise pop legend Brad Laner and Finnish experimental trio Joensuu 1685 is available for the first time in North America this week. The limited edition vinyl-only project, first unveiled as a European Record Store Day item last month, was released by Oslo-based label Splendour (Of Montreal, Casio Kids) and is distributed in North America exclusively by Hometapes.

Brad Laner / Joensuu 1685 Split 12″
A1. Brad Laner “Hero Seed” (3:32)
A2. Brad Laner “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day”(Chicago cover) (4:47)
A3. Brad Laner “Fountain Climber” (4:51)
B1. Joensuu 1685 “Lost Highway” (16:45)

This project follows the release of Brad Laner’s Natural Selections LP last year on Hometapes, the second album in Laner’s turn toward solo creation after twenty five years cultivating bands like Steaming Coils, Savage Republic, Amnesia, Lusk, Electric Company, and, most notably, the North American shoegaze powerhouse Medicine. In addition to constant solo work in his Los Angeles home, Brad continues to work as The Internal Tulips with Alex Graham (a.k.a. Lexaunculpt) and has recently contributed to labelmates’ The Caribbean’s 2010 album Discontinued Perfume. Check out The Caribbean track “Outskirts (feat. Brad Laner)” on Dangerous Minds (where Laner is a contributing writer) and remember what it’s like to get lost in a guitar solo.


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