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Spanish Prisoners announces upcoming tour dates, premieres new single “Downtown Chicagoland”

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MP3: “Downtown Chicagoland”

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The four members of Spanish Prisoners found each other in the winter of 2009, when the streets of Bushwick were covered with grey, fading snow. Songwriter Leo Maymind had just begun working at the largest nightclub in New York City; squeezing through crowds of thousands of drunken revelers that were caught in a breathless pursuit of everything wrapped in nothing, going down in celluloid history. He began scribbling down things he overheard in dark corners, fragments of personal violence from characters filled with self-doubt and nostalgia. During the empty 4AM subway rides he took to his Bushwick apartment, he stock-piled musical ideas, putting the pieces together like some long-lost cosmic puzzle with no map or guide.

As winter slid away, Maymind and his bandmates – keyboardist/vocalist Amberly Hungerford, drummer/ songwriter Mike DiSanto, and multi-instrumentalist James Higgs- slowly molded these initial fragments of home recordings into layered, fluid headphone symphonies that emphasized the raw randomness in electronic sound. Some songs, like “Los Angeles Guitar Dream” and “Cadillac from Yesterday” pair male and female vocals in a tremolo-haze of guitars and steady coupling of acoustic and electronic drums. Others, such as “Know No Violence” and “Lipstick Under the Table,” evolved with swirling and decaying layers, reacting against the rigid by placing the inimitable sound of the human voice – or multiple voices, either together or in turns, at the center of focus.

Though the songs on the album take twists and turns, follow detours and back alleys, get lost and return suddenly, the album remains a captivating listen-a soundtrack to this directionless fishbowl of thick superficial infinite. Gold Fools is a journey into a world of hypnotic, kaleidoscopic dream pop that you didn’t know you needed to take. Now, the path is clear.//

“Know No Violence makes me feel like mining the fullness of Gold Fools will be quite the repeat adventure.”

Altered Zones

“The songs are wrapped in a warm melodic haze – lightly psychedelic and instantly memorable.”

NPR: Best Album released via Bandcamp in 2011

“Gold Fools is the product of that shredding, shouting and gelling, all congealed into one of the year’s most rewarding indie rock records, playfully challenging, genre-bending, and at times brilliant.”

I Guess I’m Floating: #15 album of 2011

“Gold Fools is perhaps the most challenging record of the year; a record that required multiple listens to decipher the layers of dreamy distortion and varied textures.”

Tympanogram: #5 album of 2011

Tour Dates

02/24 Brooklyn, NY- Knitting Factory +
03/06 Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio #
03/07 Philadelphia, PA – Kungfu Necktie
03/08 Washington, DC – TBA
03/09 Baltimore, MD – Soft House *
03/10 Savannah, GA – Savannah Stopover Festival
03/11 Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar !
03/12 New Orleans, LA – Allways Lounge !
03/13 – 03/17 SXSW
03/18 Little Rock, AR – Stickyz ^
03/19 Conway, AR – Ford Theatre ^
03/20 Memphis – TBA
03/21 Nashville, TN – the Zombie Shop
03/22 Cincinnati, OH – Mt Carmel Brewing Company
03/23 La Salle, IL – 9th Street Pub
03/24 Chicago, IL – Pancho’s %
03/25 Columbus, OH – TBA
03/27 Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
03/28 Northampton, MA – TBA
03/29 Boston, MA – Middle East @
03/30 Providence, RI – AS220
03/31 New York, NY – TBA ~*

+ = w/ Y/Y
^ = w/ Snowmine
# = w/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
* = w/ Lands and People
! = w/ the Loom
% = w/ Thin Hymns
@ = w/ Youth Lagoon
~ = w/ Conveyor

Spanish Prisoners
Gold Fools
(Self Released)
Pay-what-you-want at Bandcamp

1. Los Angeles Guitar Dream
2. Rich Blood
3. Know No Violence
4. November Third
5. Slow Decay
6. Lipstick Under the Table
7. That’s When I Froze
8. Cadillac From Yesterday
9. Downtown Chicagoland

Links: Official Site//Facebook//Twitter//Press Materials