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Listen to two songs from the 12″ now over at PASTE 
STREAM: Diarrhea Planet – “Kids” / Those Darlins – “Sweet Sweet Heart” (The Vibrators cover)



Record Store Day 2015 not only marks the annual holiday coveted by collectors, indie retailers, labels, and artists… but also in 2015 we look at this day as the official end of a notable first year for Los Angeles record label, Easy Sound Recording Co.

To celebrate both occasions, April 18, 2015 is the official kick off of a new live series being put together by Pickathon, the iconic yet understated Portland, Oregon music festival.  The series, a monthly ‘vinyl-only / limited-pressing’ endeavor, will focus on the festival’s historically diverse lineups and intimate one-of-a-kind performances. Each release hand-selected from the massive archive of more than 15 years of recordings, plus two-sided artwork featuring original illustrations by longtime Pickathon collaborator, Travis Bone of Furturtle.

Stream two tracks over at PASTE now and get your first listen to a blistering performance of “Kids” from the Woods Stage by Diarrhea Planet and also a snappy cover of The Vibrators’ “Sweet Sweet Heart” by Those Darlins.

Also, make sure to catch one the below in-stores while out and about (in NYC or Nashville), Easy Sound at Record Store Day – April 18, 2015:


Howlin Rain in-store at Rough Trade NYC, NY
Those Darlins in-store at Grimey’s Nashville, TN
Live At Pickathon: Diarrhea Planet / Those Darlins
A Record Store Day exclusive pressing of standard weight black vinyl.

April 18, 2015 

(A) Live At Pickathon: Diarrhea Planet
01  Spooners
02  Seperations > Raft Nasty
03  Kids
04  Warm Ridin’
05  Ghost With A Boner


(B) Live At Pickathon: Those Darlins
01  Red Light Love
02  Drive
03  Sweet Sweet Heart
04  Mystic Mind
05  She Blows
06  That Man

Easy Sound Recording Co. ‘The First Year’ catalog –