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‘Heavy Metal Sunshine’ out October 7 on Wyatt Records
Listen : “Horseless Coach”
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Yesterday on The FADER, Diamond Mind announced their debut full-length album Heavy Metal Sunshine and shared the first track “Horseless Coach“.  Heavy Metal Sunshine is due October 7 on Wyatt Records.

Formed in the summer of 2013, Diamond Mind is one of Edmonton, Alberta’s favorite musical exports. Always looking to draw from many diverse wells – pop, noise, soul, all with an eye to the baroque – the band has already mapped extensive territory, leaping forward with the release of each of their three EPs. With these releases the band has won audiences through the unique character of their songs, recorded in environments ranging from attic bedrooms to storied, established studios. The songs themselves echo this varied topography, ranging in content from intimate, confidential entries, elaborate pseudo-histories and haunting character sketches. Tracing the line back-and-forth between the accessible and the challenging, the music of Diamond Mind carved out an audience among both critics and fans, registering praise not only across Canada but from the international music community. In 2016, Diamond Mind partnered with Wyatt Records for the release of their debut album Heavy Metal Sunshine.


Diamond Mind
Heavy Metal Sunshine
Wyatt Records
Street Date: October 7, 2016

Track List:

1. Diamond Mind
2. Horseless Coach
3. Hades Proper
4. The Janks
5. Front Page Of the End Times
6. Tell It To The Sky
7. Blind Hills Chapel
8. Heavy Metal Sunshine
9. No Problem Radio
10. Webster’s (feat. Samatha Savage Smith)


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