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There are many moments, memories, people, and places stretched across Alex Rose’s Arcadian Pages. The debut album from the Los Angeles-born, Austin-raised musician is a project four years in the making, an intimate and evocative collection of mental snapshots, born in homes, houses, cars, and hotels spanning from Washington to New York to Texas and California.

Recorded at Dandy Sounds Studio in Dripping Springs, Texas, Arcadian Pages feels like everywhere and nowhere all at once. The music is spacious and restrained, conjuring images of nameless strangers and long stretches of highway viewed from behind a dirty windshield. Gauzy electric guitars provide the backdrop, while sparse percussion and romantic swells of viola help propel each story along. Rose sings these songs like closely held secrets, lacing them with breath, texture, and a graceful fluency. In them, she reveals evocative details about fleeting moments and quiet echoes of characters only half-known. Like “Ty,” an enigmatic cowboy who’s both an object of affection and a figment of the imagination. Or “Howling Wolves,” where stories of youthful abandon move across moonlit streets and empty truck beds. On “Ponderosa Pines,” she sets a rally cry against indifference beneath the luminous North Dakota skyline. And together, these tales beautifully capture and crystallize not-so-distant memories into something tangible.

Arcadian Pages is Rose’s world, and it’s filled with great expectations, crushing heartbreaks, and hopeful momentum. Supported by producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Anni Rossi and sound engineer Dan Duszynski (Molly Burch, Jess Williamson, Julia Lucille), she’s created a full-sensory travelogue filled with small gestures that have big implications.

Following a year of music making Austin, Texas–and her first ever solo tour–Rose recently returned to Los Angeles. This fall and winter, she’ll play shows across L.A. in support of her debut. In a way, it’s the perfect end to Arcadian Pages’ story–a homecoming made all the more meaningful by the time it took to get there.

Arcadian Pages will be available digitally starting November 10 on Bandcamp,iTunes,Spotify, Soundcloud, et al. Cassette tapes are available on her Bandcamp.

Current Release:

Alex Rose
Arcadian Pages
Neighboring Sounds
Street Date: Nov. 10


1. Ty
2. Elephant Eyes (feat. Anni Rossi)
3. Grandmothers
4. A Gun Called Patience
5. Ponderosa Pines
6. Coattails
7. Howling Wolves
8. Oblivion Seekers

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