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Buzz Records is excited to announce ANAMAI’S debut full-length record, Sallows.  The album demonstrates Anna Mayberry and David Psutka’s inventive of way of using frequency to create parallel yet dichotomizing space. The album finds a way to entrance the listener with an almost dreary, unforgiving weight. Using this method, ANAMAI seems best fit among acts like Chelsea Wolfe or Weyes Blood. Sallows (out March 10th)was recorded by David at Halcoline Trance Studios and Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Cousins, Greys) at Candle Recording, both located in Toronto, Canada.

ANAMAI is the experimental folk project of Anna Mayberry (HSY) and David Psutka (Egyptrixx, Hiawatha). Existing in the unsettled space between ancient past and imagined future, ANAMAI explores the contradictory nature of intimacy by releasing quiet confessions in a vast, amorphous lake of noise. Naked, resonant minimalism;ethereal and liquid.  Chambered vocals and droning guitars lap each other up while looming silence threatens to extinguish them.

Current Release

ANAMAI - Sallow [lo-res]


[Buzz Records]
Release Date: March 10

Track Listing:

1. Lucia
2. Abris
3. Everyone
4. Mute Flames
5. Altar Coals
6. Black Crow
7. Half
8. Dirt
9. Otolith

Pics (click for high res)

ANAMAI - Sallow [lo-res]





Photo Credit: Brittany Lucas