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From down the end of Los Angeles, the barebones gravepunk duo Band Aparte strips down and combines elements of gothic rock, synthpunk, and beachy lo-fi as macabre appreciation simmers in the gut of the city. Vocalist Brian Mendoza effortlessly channels Joy Division and Nick Cave, crooning into a death bouquet with his shirt unbuttoned. But he’s not doing it to imitate Morrissey’s aesthetic —  Band Aparte‘s shows are fast and fierce, and the crowd works up a sweat at every venue they play.
It’s a dangerous mixture that has crushed nights alongside such bands as Cruelty Code, Roses, Ghost Noise, and Terminal A.
Band Aparte sounds like uncomfortably romantic synth-punk with Ian MacKaye reciting gloomy sermons written by Peter Hook. During a live show, well-dressed singer Brian Mendoza likes to attack his audience, while crushing roses and shaking his pompadour like a Latino Elvis gone nutso. He’s also one of L.A.’s most fearless and unhinged performers, which is refreshing in a scene littered with depressed Kurt Cobain clones.” – LA Weekly

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Band Aparte Cover-Hi Res

Band Aparte
Memory On Trial
[Manifesto] LP, CD, Digital, CS Release Date: August 19, 2016
1. Down The Road (Introduction)
2. Creatures of Culture
3. Dream Wave
4. Into The Window
5. Cherry Chapstick
6. Never Antoinette
7. Band Aparte
8. Plastic Face
9. Welcome In
10. Get The Gun
11. Harvey’s Youth
12. We Are Home (End)