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Raised in the outskirts of Paris, Caitlin Seager was heavily influenced by contemporary jazz and the avant-garde art world as a child before moving to New York City at 18. She began singing in the growing Brooklyn DIY scene at such venues as the storied 285 Kent alongside local stalwarts like DIIV with her group Night Manager, culminating in full-length releases on Fire Talk and Big Love. As the front singer in Night Manager she developed her acrobatic vocal style that has become her signature.

BEJIU, her debut as a composer and producer, was initially a way for her to experiment with the funk and house music that resonated with her from her youth. Sonically the record nods to James Blake, kaytrananda, FKA TWIGS and FlyLo but remains grounded in her unique lived experiences. The relationship to time, and the unending struggle between motivation and action are brought to light in a blend of house, electronic and experimental pop. The forthcoming EP Demain is the result of many long nights experimenting on Ableton Live and collaboration with engineer Lillia Betz, who brought her shiny glossy touch to the production.

Demain contorts and grows, contracts and demands attention before whispering off into darkness like a mythic sprite. It is a commentary on feeling trapped and looking for new horizons, hence the title “Demain” – French for “Tomorrow.” It’s a call for change.

First track “Don’t Know” alternates between layers of tuned percussion and musique-concrete vocal samples and a plaintive yet maximalist chorus, underscoring lyrical hedonism with musical tension in the unsustainable.
“Movin On” picks up the pieces and revels in newfound freedom through acid breaks and lush textural environs, culminating in a propulsive hook that sits comfortably in the classic house canon. The future bass single is paradoxically about feeling stuck in bad habits and unhealthy situations while not being able to change anything. Although the song is very upbeat, the lyrics are in contrast about feeling helpless and paralyzed. Its playful and ironic, but like any good laugh, behind the ridicule lays a darker statement.

An untitled interlude serves to balance and refresh the ear before the cosmological heights of “Lifted” insistently build, only to break orbit entirely for worlds unknown. The song is a journey. Its the feeling you get when you are finally ready to embark on a new adventure. Getting rid of chains from the past and letting yourself just be in the present.

“Come My Way” rounds out the EP with all the subtlety of a slow-burn psychological thriller, meditating on isolation and technology and our unmediated confrontation with the future.

Current Release

[Self-Released] [Digital Pre-Order] Street Date: July 7, 2017

1. Don’t Know
2. Movin On
3. Interlude
4. Lifted
5. Come My Way

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