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Consilience will transport you to dream worlds with sophisticated pop tunes that sail smoothly under Tasy Hudson’s hypnotic vocals, often building to powerful crescendos under soaring lead guitar lines.

Multi-instrumentalist Tasy Hudson started performing solo with a guitar, synthesizer and a loop pedal under this name in 2011 and was quick to realize that her music is better suited with a band. Louis Mendez, Dylan Howard (Truthful Work Films) and Aidan Lucas-Buckland (Wool on Wolves, The Whitsundays, Diamond Mind) brought Consilience to life as the band broke into the Edmonton music scene. Consilience released a 4-track EP titled “Walking Through a Dead Night”, recorded by Jesse Northey at Riverdale Recorders. The EP is a collection of four songs that give a glimpse of their energetic live shows, described as “all things dusky, dreamy, and just a little haunted” (All Our Blaring Lights). Consilience is releasing their first full-length piano-driven album in the July 1st 2016. Hudson performed vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, and Northey taking the role of producer. Using a unique blend of organic and synthetic sounds, it is an inquisitive exploration of conflict and contrast within the themes of self-empowerment and vulnerability.

Consilience has shared the stage with notable acts such as Library Voices and Calvin Love in addition to being invited to play at Pop Montreal in September 2015. They’re currently focusing on touring across Canada to promote their music while laying the groundwork for their upcoming full length. The members of Consilience are active in the local and national music scene having performed individually as members of Wool On Wolves, Doug Hoyer, Born Gold, Faith Healer, The Whitsundays, and many others. These opportunities have allowed them to gain crucial experience while performing at major festivals and opening for marquee acts like St. Vincent, Warpaint, and Chad VanGaalen. This emerging group of musicians is determined to make art that matters.


About the album:

“Under Our Beds” features Tasy Hudson’s confessional lyrics sung smoothly over a sophisticated piano-based alternative pop background that evokes a feeling of a home unsettled. The songs creatively explore the balance between organic and synthetic sounds, blending piano, trumpet and violin with hard-hitting synthesizers and guitars, crossing over boundaries and giving the listener a complete range of sounds. From the upbeat synth-based and horn ridden track “Soft and Slow”, the dark and summery “Walking Through a Dead Night”, to the piano ballad “Bad Timing”, the album crosses genres while tying together themes of contrast, wonder, and determination.


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Under Our Beds
[Self-Release] Release Date: July 8, 2016

Track List:

1. Grim
2. Home Soon
3. Ride Out
4. Sober
5. Secrets
6. The Only Time I Choose
7. Soft and Slow
8. Walking Through a Dead Night
9. Losing Your Head
10. Bad Timing

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