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Photo Credit:  Arvel Hernandez



Cool Ghouls is a rock’n’roll band. A band for playing rock’n’roll – that electric American folk art – without pretense. Think of rock’n’roll less as a genre and more as an action. A ritual performed with electric guitars and a drum kit to conjure a certain youthful spirit.

Inevitably, when listening to Cool Ghouls, you may recall performers of the past, other summoners of this same spirit, whose fingers were also channels through which rock’n’roll was made physical. But this band’s purpose is not to reference, fetishize, or even celebrate these incarnations of rock’n’roll that came before them. Their intention is to animate their medium – bring to life the inanimate framework that is rock’n’roll. Get the kids dancing. Get the floor at the house party to cave in. Not to sound like a rock’n’roll band, but to do what a rock’n’roll band does. A band for playing rock’n’roll.

It’s something the Ghouls know they have not yet entirely mastered. (How many of the numerous outfits playing these days have?) While they’ve certainly managed to convince audiences aplenty at home in San Francisco, along the West Coast, even abroad of their prowess, they are ever honing their blade. Refining an approach, learning to listen more keenly, seeing beyond bullshit, really getting at the essence of not only rock’n’roll, but of that which exists between four unique players – it’s a task to keep a body busy for a lifetime. A kind of four-way collective self actualization.

You might not hear all of this in a Cool Ghouls track. That might be because there’s something about rock’n’roll that you’re missing. That might be because there’s something about Cool Ghouls that you’re missing. Or it might be because the Ghouls have not yet distilled the eternal powers from which they draw into an expression that your ears understand. But make no mistake, this is music about and for the here and now.

Current Release


Cool Ghouls
Animal Races
[Empty Cellar Records]
Street Date: August 19, 2016

Track List:

1. Animal Races
2. Sundial
3. Time Capsule
4. When You Were Gone
5. Days
6. Just Like Me
7. The Man
8. Brown Bag
9. Never You Mind
10. Material love
11. Spectator

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Photo Credit: Arvel Hernandez

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