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French-American post-punk band DTCV (pronounced Detective) was formed in Los Angeles in 2012 by Vivarock and Fiat Lux. These are pseudonyms; both band members are currently being hounded by Interpol (the pop group, not the crime-fighting organization) and prefer not to reveal their profligate involvement with other, better-known rock combos, or with writing films, novels, and Broadway musicals, or with acquiring post-graduate degrees in international politics from the Sorbonne. The group has been compared by possibly not-entirely-sober music writers to Stereolab, Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, and “post-Nico Velvet Underground with Debbie Harry on vocals.”

DTCV has thus far released three full length albums: HOWEVER STRANGE (cassette) on Burger Records in 2012; HILARIOUS HEAVEN, a double album recorded by Steve Kille of Dead Meadow, on Xemu Records (2013); and THE EARLY YEAR, a comp of EPs/singles released during the first year of the band’s existence, on Mock Records in 2014. Recently they also released a 7″ single from their PART TIME PUNKS session featuring a Blondie cover, and a free holiday EP called NOEL INTERDIT which has deep personal meaning for someone, probably. Three tracks from NOEL INTERDIT are buried somewhere in the Burger Records 2015 Holiday Mix which you can find pretty much everywhere on the internet.

A new album titled UPTIME! is due to be released on multi-colored vinyl on April 8, 205 on UNSATISFIED RECORDS and cassette on LOLIPOP RECORDS. It will come with a free download of a tour documentary, also available on limited edition VHS Tape via LOLIPOP. HILARIOUS HEAVEN will also see its long-delayed double-vinyl gatefold release around the same time, at which time the band will make its third appearance at SXSW and tour the country with Swearing at Motorists and other automobile-themed bands.

Current Release






(Unsatisfied Records)
Street date: April 7, 2015

Side Red

1. Astros
2. X – Water
3. Early Alone
4. Don’t Be Stupid
5. Miley Cyrus Wins The Race
6. Bay of Pigs

Side Blue

7. It’s a Stealer
8. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction Song
9. Invitation to a Beheading
10. Last Lonely Man
11. California Girl
12. Radio Drive

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