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Photo Credit:  Mark Quines


From bedrooms to basement to crowded bars, Emotional is no stationary act — this rings true in all aspects of their existence — it operates more like a musical cooperative, with members coming and going without a care. Seven to ten different members will often appear in each live incarnation.

The Band is Emotional’s sophomore full length LP, but the first with major collaborations from members of the Death Records roster: Healing Potpourri’s Simi Sohota, Froogy’s Groovies’ Emmet Moskowitz, Gradient Fade’s Geoff Morris, as well consistent collaborator Ole Haarstad (Melted Toys). The previous LP, Ahh… The Name Is Emotional, Baby! was a spell of irresistible tangy guitar reverb, bending synths, and candid melodies. With The Band, Brian Wakefield (songwriter and Death Records co-founder) dials in the collaborative orchestra of melodic madness into an arrangement of directed pop gush. The nine tracks are full of stripped down twangy culls that reveal an affinity for Gram Parsons and Big Star.

Recorded and written in three days in their basement bunker, The Band tells the story of touring, moving away, and coming back to their unchanged basement. It challenges the notion that rock bands have to stick to a formula of fixed lineups and orthodox recording. Emotional constantly redefines itself, and this release is a testament to the beauty of musical relationships.

The Band was partially produced by Mild High Club’s Alex Brettin, and features contributions from Danny James, Sarah Bethe Nelson, and Once & Future Band’s Joel Robinow.

Current Release

The Band
Long Live Death Records
Street Date: March 17, 2017

Track List:

1. Heaven (In A Trashcan)
2. 2 Japan
3.  Ballad Of The Band
4. Jealousy
5. Geoff’s Song
6. Heaven Couldn’t Wait
7. Tequila Pineapple (Ft. Sarah Bethe Nelson)
8. TV’s & Newspapers
9. Ain’t Goin’ Back (Ft. Danny James & Joel Robinow)