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photo credit: Evan Jenkins



Fever Queen is the music and moods of Chicago-based songwriter Eleanor Rose Lee. On her debut album, The World of Fever Queen, Lee conjures up stark, psychy sounds and knockout melodies that cohere into a singular, one-woman vision of love, dreams, and hesitations.

Journaling her entire life, Lee sees music as an extension of a larger project. The World of Fever Queen is a document of her life traveling and working across America. Mid-century melodies draw upon Lee’s childhood singing in choirs in the Midwest. Sparse instrumentation evokes cold nights of getting weird in Chicago’s DIY scene. The album’s surfy wash taps into the bleached energy Lee found in her days farming in Hawaii and cutting hair in California. Torch songs, like “Love Last,” are set in America’s burnt-out husk, along dark highways and desolate lakeshores. Layered vocals and two cover interludes—Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry” and Lee Hazlewood’s “For One Moment”—ratchet up the atmosphere even further.

Lee prizes emotion above all else. And through her work as a songwriter and adept multi-instrumentalist, she elevates life’s emotions into a vibrant, and palpable, psychedelic world. The World of Fever Queen is Lee’s intimate journal made into sound.

Current Release

Fever Queen
The World of Fever Queen
(First To Knock)

Street Date: September 10, 2020

Track List:

1. Cerulean
2. You, You
3. I’m Sorry
4. Night Vision
5. Good Mistake
6. Love Last
7. Bear Dream
8. Steam
9. Charmer
10. For One Moment
11. Demolition
12. Gravities

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credit: (1) Evan Jenkins