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In the final moments of a failed mission home, an ambitious cosmonaut is disconnected from his malfunctioning ship, suspended into orbit. With life slowly fading and time running out, reflections of past relationships and experiences race to mind. Was ambition wasted? With a release that reflects on the frailty of existence, Fortune Howl presents the new album Earthbound on the up-and-coming Orlando label Relief in Abstract (also the home of XXYYXX). A musical experiment that captures the modern era’s ethos of disconnect, failed progress and apprehension.

This cohesive piece merges emotional expression with an aberrant slew of sounds, synth-shaved vocals appear and unexpected melodies shadow a sense of inner turmoil and anxiety. “A Terrible Machine” is lush and hazy; an odd feeling of familiarity sidles by shuffled and shifted resonance. Strings add sweet tension to “Whatever Ghost” as it falls into a blend of woozy tones, cluttered beats and filtered vocals, while “Paws” caps off the release in a final psychedelic coup, a well-timed departure as the cosmic tones dim…

Current Release

Fortune Howl - Earthbound
Track List:

1. Edit Me
2. A Terrible Machine
3. Laika
4. Vision Quest
5. Interzone Export
6. Pressure
7. Echo the Sun
8. Kodiak
9. Plastic Eyes
10. Viscera
11. Whatever Ghost
12. Paws

Pics (click for high res)

Fortune Howl 1 - James Dechert Fortune Howl 2 - James Deschert