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photo credit: Victoria Escobar



Franklin Gothic, the solo project of musical artist Jay DiBartolo based out of Portland, OR, announces his debut record titled Into the Light, out August 19th via split release with Very Jazzed and Pleasure Tapes. The record was made in collaboration with producer Erik Blood (who has worked with Shabazz Palaces, Pickwick, Tacocat, and more). 

Into the Light draws inspiration from musical influences that stem back to Jay’s early ‘90s childhood. It showcases a variety of styles, from shoegaze to Americana, challenging the expectation that a band, record, or song is bound to any specific genre. The 12-song LP follows the ups and downs of the singer/songwriter’s experience, as he struggles to leave behind an old cynical view of the world to make room for a more openhearted one.

Current Release

Franklin Gothic
Into the Light
(Very Jazzed & Pleasure Tapes)
Street Date: August 19, 2022

Track List:

1. Beneath
2. Spark
3. Photograph
4. Slow Down Bang Bang
5. True Love
6. Mr. Hangman
7. Carry Me Away
8. ‘94
9. Waking Up
10. Into the Light
11. Bottleneck
12. One & Only

Photos (click for hi-res)

photo credit: (1-2) Victoria Escobar