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“I can only hope you get as solid a kick out of this album as I did.”
Byron Coley

“Honey Radar is an exceptional avant-pop band, currently based in Philadelphia, helmed by guitarist Jason Henn. This compilation pulls together material recorded for singles on Chunklet Industries, the Atlanta label run by Henry Owings. It represents what might be called Honey Radar’s second phase, which began when Henn left Indiana to settle in Sun Ra’s City of Brotherly Love.”
Byron Coley

“Gimme nothing but jams.” That was how Chunklet challenged Honey Radar upon the beginning of their long, torrid love affair back in 2015. What was turned in, and continues to be turned in, is nothing short of bedroom psych pop brilliance. “Sing The Snow Away: The Chunklet Years” shows a band that went from a one man recording project into the more sophisticated (yet still home recorded) band you hear on this album. Three proper singles, a smattering of split singles and some bonus tracks constitutes “Sing The Snow Away.” Covers by The Monkees and The Fall? Yep, we’ve got you. All mastered by Drew Crumbaugh and the artwork constructed by Jason and Chunklet. Liner notes by esteemed scribe Byron Coley. Let the love affair continue.

First edition of 210 copies. Test pressing copies are each unique and individually using collage material provided by Honey Radar’s Jason Henn and subsequently assembled by 9-year old artist and Chunklet shipping clerk, Charlotte.

Current Release

Honey Radar
Sing the Snow Away: The Chunklet Years
(Chunklet Industries)
Street Date: June 20, 2020

Track List:

1. Lilac Pharmacy
2. Orange Knife
3. A Trip To Belmoor Cottage
4. Kangaroo Court
5. Ink Circle
6. Telephone Betty’s Aneurysm
7. Paper Car
8. The Calvin Coolidge Clarion
9. Fan The Earthworm
10. Silver Strobe
11. Parrot (Theme From Kentucky Meat Shower)
13. Spillman Was A Motorhead
14. United Fox
15. Knocked Out
16. Psychic Cruise
17. Medium Mary Todd
18. Moon Director (Version Three)
19. Rainbird/English Costume
20. Notes From The Cornell Forestry Club
21. Medium Mary Todd (Version Two)
22. Middle Class Revolt
23. Kangaroo Court (live on WFMU 5/28/16)
24. Lilac Pharmacy (live on WFMU 6/25/17)
25. Paper Car (live on WFMU 6/25/17)
26. The Calvin Coolidge Clarion (live on WFMU 6/25/17)
27. Medium Mary Todd (live on WFMU 12/10/19)
28. Prole Art Threat (live at H2O50, Athens 11/29/18)

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