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Toronto-based sludge rock group HSY was formed in 2011 by whom may only be referred to as “Jude.” Almost two years since their first incarnation and with a full lineup finally in tow, HSY disappeared to the outskirts of the city to record their self-titled debut EP. Harkening to the 80’s post punk vibes of Section 25 and 90’s sludge metal gods The Melvins, HSY crafts the perfect soundtrack for Toronto’s seedy underbelly.

The music was captured by Dean Tzenos and Ian Gomes in an empty, small town church completely cut off from the outside world. HSY’s first effort comes out of the church and on to 7″ Vinyl September 17th on Buzz Records. They will embark on tour alongside Hand Drawn Dracula’s newest signing, Doom Squad. Hear the group’s abrasive new single “Milk Chug” on Pitchfork.

Buzz Records was founded in 2011, initially as a garage venue run by Jude and Denholm Whale. The Gararge hosted mostly local punk and noise bands like The Soupcans, Ell V Gore, and School Jerks but it grew into a cross-genre hub of local and touring acts like White Lung, Doldrums, Mood Rings, Odonis Oodnis, Dayglo Abortions, and tons more. Since the demise of the garage in late 2012, Buzz has been dedicated to releasing music that has come out of this small, dirty pocket of Toronto.


(Buzz Records)
Street Date: Sept 17, 2013

Side A
1. Milk Chug
2. Slimeball  

Side B
3. Ladies Night
4. Waffles
5. Tartar Mouth

Pics (click for high res)

Credit: David Waldman