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Justin P. Romanos has had a love for music since was he was just old enough to pick up a guitar. Justin was drawn to performance and songwriting at an early age, and growing up became a regular in the DIY music scene around his rural Connecticut hometown. He and his friends had ever evolving musical tastes and learned more about the process of making music by consistently forming new bands and recording in Justin’s makeshift home studio. This landed him a spot at Drexel University’s Music Industry Program. Here he found a home of like­minded peers and gained a lasting nickname, “J Pré”, short for an early band called the Justin P. Romanos Experiment. He honed his craft by continuously writing and spent much of his time in the close­knit Philadelphia basement community where he fronted the indie rock band “SHMNS.” After graduating college in 2014, it was time to regroup, refocus, and reinvent himself as a musician.

Justin relocated to Brooklyn, NY and began to combine the best of his musical beginnings into his biggest, boldest, and most colorful pop album yet; as the newly reincarnated Jay Pray. Under the polished production of Brandon Bost, Justin’s new album flourishes into a lush landscape of bright tones in which every detail is carefully slotted in place. A strong but subtle beat propels the collection forward as it dips into sultry shadows and bursts into powerful blasts of sunshine. Intricate synth riffs and Justin’s gentle lilt twinkle amongst the swelling wall of sound, transforming love musings into a tropical sonic escape. Jay Pray is a refreshing arrival in a saturated pop scene with a debut worth diving into head first.

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Jay Pray
Jay Pray

[Think Thought Records] Release Date: October 21, 2016

1. Intro
2. Time
3. I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)
4. Believer
5. Interlude
6. Surrender
7. I’m Sorry
8. Smile