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Kisskadee is the maximalist project of multi-instrumentalist Kasie Shahbaz. Her orchestral arrangements and strange time signatures are a breaking away from traditional songwriting limitations, while also maintaining a lyrical, folk like sensibility. Elements of psychedelia and ambient chaos litter the record, while detailed imagery ground the chaos with vivid detail.

Black Hole Era uses the birth and death of the universe as a chronological allegory for childhood through adulthood. The record tracks our expanding circle of relationships as we age; first with mother, then with siblings, then with lovers. However, like the cosmos, as this circle expands, it is also dying. The record stands witness to the loss of childlike safety and the lonely longing of adulthood.

Current Release

Black Hole Era
(Anxiety Blanket Records)
Street Date: May 6th, 2022

Track Listing:

1. High As The Sky
2. Ursula
4. Geist
5. Ice Cream
6. Black Hole Era
8.Without Condition
9. Deep As The Ocean