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Photo Credit: Michael Benjamin Lerner




La Fille is a Seattle band whose music has been described as indie-rock and
power-pop. The band’s obscure name (pronounced la-fee) is countered by their
approachable sound and honest, self-deprecating lyrics.

In 2014, frontman Jay Louis started La Fille in his home state of New Jersey
where he self-released two EPs before venturing out west in search of like-minded
musicians. Once in Seattle, the singer and guitarist quickly began writing his
upcoming debut LP Alright Already, which was inspired by his recent uprooting.
Louis soon met drummer Joe Oakes via a Craigslist ad. Oakes had intended to
start a punk band, but the two hit it off, pursued La Fille instead, and thereafter,
recorded Alright Already with Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis. La Fille can
now be found performing the unreleased record as a four-piece band with Tom
Moskal on bass and Jackson Fahey on lead guitar.

Their debut single “Alright Already” was featured in The Stranger’s “Inbox Jukebox
Track of the Day” and can be heard on rotation at a number of Seattle radio
stations, including KEXP. The album will be available in its entirety for streaming
and purchase on March 15, 2019.


Current Release

La Fille
Alright Already

Street Date: March 15, 2019

Track List

1. Letting Go
2. I’m Movin’ On
3. Everyday Feels Like I’m Getting Older
4. My Help
5. Skyline
6. Alright Already
7. D.M.T.C.Y.O
8. Piff
9. Great Escape
10. Said & Done


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Photo credits: (1) Michael Benjamin Lerner