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Photo Credit : Gary Isaacs 



“Seeing Lizzy Rose play a show is always a magical delight.  Her catalogue is worth digging into.  Miss Rose fronted Denver weirdo indie-pop outfit Vitamins before touring with the Flaming Lip, singing on their Dark Side of the Moon tour.  Now settled into her captivating solo project, the songwriter sings in her hauntingly beautiful falsetto lilt over melancholy piano and guitar soundscapes, creating startlingly tender and gorgeously crafted dreamlike songs.”  – The Stranger, Seattle

Her new album, “Crocodile Tears” takes you on a journey through many different musical realms, from driving rock and roll anthems, to carnivalesque, operatic Shakespearean waltzes…to intimate love songs and everything in between.  The one thing that remains constant throughout is a peaceful feeling, like you’ve been here before.  A feeling of home.  There is a honesty and clarity in Lizzy Rose’s voice and composition that is truly healing.

Lizzy Rose is a captivating performer and should not be missed.  She has an aura that welcomes and includes audiences in her journey.  Her voice grabs at the soul and conveys a message of love and acceptance to the listener.  Her songs and lyrics are both catchy and deeply spiritual.  There is hope for humanity pouring out of every lyric and from the darkness of some of her more personal songs that address the struggles of this world, there is the hidden light of redemption exploding out!


Current Release

Crocodile Tears- Album Art

Lizzy Rose
Crocodile Tears
Street Date: September 9, 2016

Track Listing:

1. Crocodile Tears
2. In Morning Sun
3. Best I’ve Had
4. Muse for a Masterpiece
5. Walk the Walk (You’re A Whore)
6. Nervous Bird
7. Alternate Reality
8. To Fall or Fly
9. Boldly Going Nowhere
10. Madam Huntley
11. Sea of Uncertainty
12. Lonesome Ghost

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Photo Credit : Gary Isaacs