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Texas emcee Love-SadKID can’t be explained without using the word “prodigy” the 18 year old is nothing short of a viral sensation after just a few years in the game. Even more impressive is Love-SadKID’s ability to draw in an organic audience without giving even a single piece to the machine. With 40 singles under their belt and over 68 million streams on Spotify, Love-SadKID is nothing short of a prolific genius. SadKID enters 2020 with a number of collaborations and a diversity of flows and melodies guaranteed to move you. As we head even deeper into the decade, SadKID already has two non-album singles along with a full length project on their resume.
Born Benjamin McGibboney the Texas emcee became hooked to hip-hop and music after hearing Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap”. “I heard Acid Rap and it changed my whole perspective on what music was about as a whole.” Love-SadKID says. From this point the rest was history, the influence shines off SadKID as their flow and cadence mixes the cutthroat lyrical acrobatics with the finesse of a poet. As they grew older SadKID had the dream to be a football player but destiny had other plans and “After struggling to keep my head above water I decided to put all my passion into one thing.” SadKID says.

2017 came around and Love-SadKID harnessed their power as an emcee and immediately went to work. It is one thing to create and release a ton of music, it is a completely different ball game when every release is a consistent exhibition in the mastery of emceeing. When you press play on a track from SadKID, you’re immediately whisked into their world. “I’ve really tried to focus on trying to leave an impact with every second of the song…just trying to be unapologetically me and hoping it leaves a mark.” SadKID says. 2017 saw them release three projects in “Constellations I”, their self-titled EP and “Blue Compilation” each exhibiting their own flavor and cementing Love-SadKID as a prolific artist.

Here we are almost halfway through 2020 and Love-SadKID has six projects under their belt (including the recently released Growth project) with a plethora of collaborations introducing the listener to an artistic universe we don’t see too often. Almost from the jump SadKID has linked with Florida producer Garrett who provides the soundscapes for SadKID to wax poetic. The duo is not one to be reckoned with and bring a legendary chemistry to the table. Again keep in mind that our hero is only 18. Moreover, Love-SadKID has over 80 million streams across all platforms, opened for numerous artists on their respective tours and performed all over the country. Love-SadKID is nothing short of a prolific genius who wears their heart, passion and personality on their sleeve and pen. Love-SadKID is constantly working on music and with the emcee penning seven verses a day, it won’t be long til we get another project

– Michael Stover, Taste Creators

16.1k Instagram Followers
541k Monthly Listeners on Spotify
46,110,000 Total streams on Spotify
Millions of streams on SoundCloud
5.9k Twitter Followers

Previous support tours with Oliver Tree, Hobo Johnson

Agent: Tom Windish / 
Agent: Christine Cao / 



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