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Makoto returns to Apollo with the Primitive EP. As he builds his fast-paced style into a leaner, more aggressive manifestation of the soulful Makoto sound, it quickly becomes clear that no one genre or signifier can fully describe this new collection of five tracks, from the rampant tribal ideology of “Primitive” through the freestyle explorations of “Ritual.”

The Primitive EP opens with an adventurous statement of intent, as the title track sets the listener on a breakneck journey through glistening foliage and sub-tropical climes that simply drips with raw, percussive humidity. Punctuated with saxophone licks and swirling keys, “Primitive” hints at the playfully improvised shuffle of “A Spiritual Thing” as cascading waves of bass tones complement a colorful outburst of melody that’s ideally suited for the outdoor dancefloor. Drift next into the soothing ambiance of “Sapphire Eyes”, a lush imagining of sunrise textures that features a transcendent solo lead destined to conjure memories of classic sci-fi soundtracks.

“Planet α” continues in this narrative vein with a stirring introduction of arpeggiating electronics set to a tension-building metronome. When the track refuses to break, and instead offers a warmly treated guitar line to lift the composition into another world, we’re invited to breathe easy and enjoy the ride away from shore. For it’s in the EP’s closer, “Ritual”, that Makoto brings back his passion for swinging bouts of groove & rhythm in the form of a rollicking house jam buoyed by a heaving, hip-swerving bassline. As with his first Apollo excursion, the Another Generation EP, Makoto continues to display a wide-ranging mastery of his craft through the Primitive EP that will surely make an impression on any listener searching for the sweet spot in modern dance and soul music.

Current Release


Primitive EP
Apollo Records
Street Date: October 8, 2013
12″ / Digital 

A1) Primitive
A2) A Spiritual Thing
B1) Sapphire Eyes
B2) Planet α
B3) Ritual

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