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photo credit: Elise Mesner



Underground is the debut solo release from Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Max Foreman. A figure in the West Coast music scene for two decades, Foreman is best known for his keyboard and vocal work in the electric pop duo Bouquet, and as guitarist of the San Francisco math rock trio Tenebre. On his new EP, Max Foreman’s meticulous songwriting has delivered a classic work of pop surrealism.

Layers of guitar and analog electronics invite the listener into Underground’s playful and idiosyncratic landscape. The mid-tempo bounce of “State of Decay” finds detuned keyboards encircled by sweeping Laurel Canyon harmonies. “Second Time Around”, a Zombies-influenced earworm dipped in Mellotron and organ, is turned upside down with blissfully warped synthesizers and guitar overdrive. Foreman’s production finds kindred spirits in artists like White Noise and Laurie Spiegel, revealing hidden electronic gems in every verse.

The lyrics of Underground oscillate between serenity and alienation, searching for moments of reprieve in the midst of unprecedented crisis. The story unfolds in fragments—the prematurely changing seasons, the sensation of radiant city lights, and in the title track, an earthquake striking just minutes after midnight. Sometimes, as Foreman intones, “Heaven speaks from underground.” The pathways of Max Foreman’s Underground lead us all into a different, and more sublime, world.

Current Release

Max Foreman
Street Date: March 5, 2021

Track List:

1. Open Eyes
2. State of Decay
3. Next Year in Paradise
4. Underground
5. Second Time Around
6. The Final Song

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photo credit (1-6) Adam Nagy (7) Elise Mesner