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photo by Samantha Singh


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Mirror Gazer is a performance pseudonym of Brooklyn based producer/songwriter Dorian Duvall, formerly known as Onuinu. Duvall released a full-length album under the moniker Onuinu in 2012 which was titled “Mirror Gazer” and is now using the album title as his new stage name and has reissued the original album, now available on all major digital platforms. His debut album as Mirror Gazer will be out summer 2019 via Never Better.

Current Release


Mirror Gazer
Ordeal Erasure
(Never Better)
Street Date: August 23, 2019

Track List:

1. Phase
2. Bound For Nowhere
3. Use Me
4. Inhale The Sky ( Everyday )
5. A Day With…
6. Washed Out Memories Fade
7. Memories
8. On My Way
9. Loaded Desire
10. Sonder
11. Lifestyle

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photo credits: Samantha Singh

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