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R&S Records are proud to announce ‘Gel’ a new EP from Moiré. Pulsating and hallucinogenic, it’s tripped out dancefloor experimentation at its best.

“I was inspired by minimalism, ambience and most of all, the power of club and music spaces” he explains. Limitations and restrictions were placed on his creative process with the overiding aim, for the listener ‘to get lost’ in the thows of dancefloor hedonism.

Lurid and raw, the music draws on the live and direct dubplate culture, that flush of excitement of finishing a track in an afternoon, pressing it up and taking it to the club. From the slo-mo bounce of ‘STFN’, to the edgy freneticism of ‘Blind’, hazy euphoric of ‘Gel’ to the grinding textures of ‘Let Down’ this is an EP that cements Moiré’s reputation for delivering exhilirating futurist club music.

Current Release (click artwork for high res)


Label : R&S Records
Release Date: 9th October

Track List:

A1. Let Down
B1. Gel
B2. Blind

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Photo by MOIRÉ