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A Moon Honey show is not just a collection of dense, dizzying sonic splendor, but a visceral experience that saturates every sense. A guitar solo spins into a soaring vocal arpeggio only to slam down to earth with a thud. Moon Honey’s music is like a bomb going off inside a Fabergé egg.

Moon Honey has a penchant for epic songcraft, a practice culminating in the critically acclaimed 2013 album Hand-Painted Dream Photographs, which was mixed by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof. The New York Times’ Jon Parales described Hand-Painted as, “Whirlwind virtuosity, extremes of delicacy and impact, melodies that leap all over the place, suite-like structures, cryptic lyrics based on literary conceits.” Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Songs Considered called it, “Cotton candy dipped in peyote.”

Guitarist Andrew Martin and vocalist Jessica Ramsey hail from the swamps of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. New Orleans’ bohemian streak, in particular, inspire the band, but they transcend the trappings of such an influence. After a number of cross-country tours, Moon Honey relocated to Los Angeles and immediately began another expedition with a new band, including an official SXSW showcase, Treefort performance and an in-studio KEXP session. An album is on the rise, but most of all, they continue to climb that scaffold to the moon, seeking a taste of the celestial sweetness their music evokes.

“…all the hallmarks of progressive rock are robustly in place on Hand-Painted Dream Photographs” New York Times

“Four Stars… I can see a cult forming around this band.” NPR

“depth is the name of the game… Moon Honey is using the psychedelic adjective to good purpose, giving us something in the veins of both Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof but with a side of Yes and Joni Mitchell.” Impose Magazine



 Pics (click for high res)

Photo by Jessi Arnold

Photo by Tyler Little

moon honey live andrew

Photo by Tyler Little