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Mexico City-based electronic duo Mylko will release their highly-antipicated debut album ‘Contrast’ on September 30 via Reverbatim Records.
This pair of high school friends began their careers as drummers but eventually turned their attention to music production. Having worked with an array of independent artists, Jose Pablo Ibarra (“Jopa”) and Patricio Dávila Sanchez (“Pato”) decided to form Mylko three years ago.
“The song speaks of friendship in youth and early adolescence,” said the band about their new single. “Although it’s uplifting beat seeks to underline this time in everyone’s life, lyrically the song highlights the destruction of innocent friendships as a result of life’s many vices.”
The band’s debut album contains eight tracks and will be available across all digital platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. Other songs on the record include the band’s first single, “Animal,” as well as other mesmerizing tracks such as “Closure,” the title track “Contrast,” or “Winter.” The record focuses on the duo’s personal trials and tribulations, including heartache.
Known for their intricate polyrhythmic compositions, the duo aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the electronica world by challenging popular concepts of music production and songwriting.
Mylko‘s music has been described as “refreshing,” “a fantastic rhythmic frenzy” and “vivid electronic soundscapes.”
The band credits Cornelius, Bibio, Flying Lotus and The Chemical Brothers as inspirational artists who have helped shape their sound and style.

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[Reverbatim Records] Release Date: September 30, 2016
2. Untraveled
3. Contrast
4. Astray
5. Limits
7. Closure
8. Winter

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