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Multi-media artist Pepi Ginsberg (Pepi Ginsberg, Companion) and Composer/Producer Martin Crane (Brazos, Martin Crane) have teamed up to create a lush debut under the moniker N-A-R-C (named for Ginsberg’s wink-and-nod handle, NewAgeRealChange). Infinite Mine, the first full-length effort for the veteran song-craft duo marks a impressive move into the art-pop realm. The genesis of the album began when Ginsberg and Crane were approached to score a film. They decided to demo one of Ginsberg’s songs for the project and the result was too exciting to ignore. Upon finishing the score they moved on to work out a full-length of Ginsberg’s work. The process thrust the two into an immersive creative season in Brooklyn and Long Island, where they applied Crane’s latest production magic to a collection of Ginsberg’s newest and most emotionally capacious material.

According to Ginsberg: “Infinite Mine is an album about intimacy and the exploration of relationships, both both to oneself and to others. To infinitely mine is the process of digging to one’s core, drilling for something valuable in the hopes of extracting something of worth. It embodies the idea that personhood and identity have no measurable end and trying to know or possess oneself, or another, is both an endless pursuit and an act of love.”

The result of such mining is the album itself, is a stunning departure from either of their previous works. Hi-fi, emotionally raw, and sonically dexterous, Infinite Mine is a crafted and unique dose of avant pop that speaks to the mainstream while maintaining its heart and individuality. Forthcoming music videos, all directed by Ginsberg, serve as a visual guide for traveling through the N-A-R-C universe. Mixed by Martin Crane and mastered by Chris Gheringer (Drake, Kanye, Rihanna) N-A-R-C’s Infinite Mine is a thrilling departure into the pop underground, a fierce declaration of intimacy, sexuality, power and love.

Current Release (click artwork for high res)

Infinite Mine
Release Date: June 16, 2017
1. Watch Her Dance
2. I Can’t Myself
3. Bully
4. Game Bae
5. Win Yah
6 . So Queen
7. MB Obvious
8. Faded
9. Forward Motion
10. The Also Rans
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