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Poster Children formed in 1987 in Champaign, IL. Playing what they call “post wave” music, the band released the Steve Albini-produced Daisy Chain Reaction in 1991 on Twin/Tone. The album was picked up for wider release by Sire Records in 1992 who pushed the snarky single, “If You See Kay” and made it an alt-rock hit, with regular play on MTV’s 120 Minutes and commercial radio play. The album is now considered an early Alt-Rock classic, All Music Guide even writes that the album was “an unappreciated influence on the Smashing Pumpkins early on.” Pitchfork called them “perhaps the most reliable college band of the ’90s.” The band continued releasing records and touring regularly up until around 2004 which saw the band’s last album, No More Songs about Sleep and Fire. The band is pleased to make a return to touring to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Daisy Chain Reaction with dates this Fall, including Pygmalion Festival in their own backyard.


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