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    BioKingston, Ontario’s PS I Love You are set to release their third studio album For Those Who Stay on July 21st (UK) 22nd (NA) via Paper Bag Records.

    For Those Who Stay is PS I Love You’s third album, and it was made after Paul quit Kingston for a different big smoke. It was encouraged by the girding strength of love but of course it’s still dredging and confused, of course it’s still resplendent in its churn. Of course the band had to go back to Kingston to record it – working at a place called the Bathhouse, the duo’s first time in “a proper studio”.

    As always, PS I Love You’s songs were the result of collage and experiment: “Advice” and “Friends Forever” were still being written until the moments they were recorded. But in the studio, Paul Saulnier says, with “fancy gear” and tons of time, they could wait until they “really nailed” the perfect part. “And I think we made a very indulgent and decadent album because of it.”

    Current Release
    ps album
    PS I Love You
    For Those Who Stay
    (Paper Bag Records)
    Release Date: July 22nd

    1. In My Mind At Least
    2. Advice
    3. Bad Brain Day
    4. Limestone Radio
    5. For Those Who Stay
    6. Afraid of the Light
    7. Friends Forever
    8. More of the Same
    9. Hoarders

    Pics (click for high res)