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Justin Randel is Reaches, an artist exploring the potentialities and possibilities for twisting the electronic communalism of dance music through his own framework of introspective, soul-searching lyricism and songcraft. Under both his Reaches project and other various monikers he has toured across three continents including 22 countries and traveling has left him with an impressively deep catalog of stories,
names and places from which his work emerges.
Trained in music composition, Randel was equally informed by years trawling through online music boards, blogs and P2P networks, culling together a taste that spans global pop, electronic composition and sonic experimentation in equal measure. This expansive sense of the disparate threads and thoughts of the global underground find a cohesive point of exchange in Randel’s work, as if his songs seek to pull together the disparate communities, the faces and zones that he has lived and worked in over the years into a more communal space. Wherever the Internet Goes, Sorrow Follows, his sophomore album, sits at a precise juncture of psych-tinged song craft and dancefloor-oriented. It’s a testament to his ability as a songwriter that these pieces could almost find a home in any of the environments he has come across, whether a diesel generator driven rave in Eastern Europe, a loft party in Brooklyn, or anywhere else, a series of tracks sent out like love letters to the worlds he’s passed through and shared. As a result, the record itself feels full of the tragedies and triumphs of the world around him, friends lost and found, and the shared spirit of creativity, of building a world for themselves, that unifies them. Let their love live on.

Current Release


Wherever the Internet Goes, Sorrow Follows
We Be Friends
Street Date: March 29, 2019

Track List:

1. Bestiaries of the Middle Ages
2. Take Me to the Beginning of Time
3. Two Particle Beams Collided
4. Our Dreams Trundle Beyond the Hilltops
5. GCI
6. Love to the Ghosts Lost at Sea
7. The World Has Seen It Before