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photo by Meghan Tansey-Whitton


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Canadian Indie Electronic musician Rich Aucoin, will be releasing his latest single ‘The Mindwhich is lifted from his anticipated third full-length album Release set for release on the 17th of May via Haven Sounds. Produced by Rich Aucoin and drummer Joel Waddell, his music has seen acclaim across the board; as both his previous releases (We’re All Dying To Live and Ephemeral) were long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize (2012/2015), his one-take music video for ‘Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E. won the Prism Prize (2013), which he’s just been shortlisted for again this year. He’s been nominated for ten East Coast Music Awards including Album, Song and Fan Choice Entertainer of the Year. With more than 2 million streams, Rich Aucoin has built a reputation for his energetic live shows where he performs his music, which is all written to sync with old movies in the same manner as Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of The Moon with The Wizard of Oz, to projections of those films as well as making it an interactive show incorporating crowd karaoke, giant parachutes, confetti, and getting a crowd to bounce along to him. He has brought his electrifying performance to stages at Osheaga, The Great Escape, Les Eurockéennes, Les Vielles Charrues, Berlin Music Festival, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Hangout Music Festival, Art Basel Miami, Luminato Art Festival, Iceland Airwaves, SXSW, Pop Montreal and more. Several esteemed publications have also praised Rich Aucoin’s music as he’s been featured by Noisey, Les Inrockuptibles, SPIN Magazine, PopMatters, CBC Music, The Globe and Mail, Paste Magazine, Under The Radar, Exclaim!, Baeble Music and many more.

Born, raised and currently based in Halifax, Canada, Rich Aucoin has been fully immersed in music ever since he can remember, learning how to play almost any instrument he could get his hands on while also teaching himself production and home-recording. A philanthropist at heart, Aucoin has raised money for several charities with his music. He has cycled coast to coast twice for both Childhood Cancer Canada and The Canadian Mental Health Association/Mental Health America; cycling to each show. He has also crossed Canada for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation running a series of half-marathons.

Release was inspired by a wide range of music such as David Bowie, Holly Herndon, Fatboy Slim, Bijork, John Lennon, Future Islands, Caribou and Chic just to name a few. These influences are evident in his music, as his diverse sound could be compared to a mix of MGMT, Beck, Arcade Fire, Spoon, and M83 all the while still maintaining his own unique blend of organic and synthetic instrumentation. His third album, Release, sees Aucoin grapple with the concept of mortality by using Alice in Wonderland (1951) as a metaphor for the journey. Again, the album can be played as alternate soundtrack along to the film.

The Mind’ sees Rich Aucoin channel his electronic music production skills in full force as this pulsating instrumental track manages to create an emotional flow of sounds that is sure to provoke a roaring response from any listener. As this slow building track progresses, a new layer is added after each section, culminating in the explosive and euphoric finale. Textured soundscapes and ethereal vocal samples ensures this track as a staple of Release as Rich Aucoin proves there’s no genre he can’t shine in. In ‘The Mind’s music video, the viewer follows a figure covered in a metallic blanket of sorts (similar to a space blanket) as this unearthly image strides on a sunset beach while being subjected to nature’s elements.

Speaking about the instrumental track ‘The Mind, Rich Aucoin explains, “This track is about the mind and therefore has no lyrics. Musically, this song has two drum sets on it. The main kit is played by Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks and the second is carried over from the Release session by Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff. Ben Talmi played the very rare Therevox slide theremin on the track down at his Virtue & Vice studio in Brooklyn. While Jenn Grant was recorded by Daniel Ledwell at his Echo Lake studio in Nova Scotia. The vocal melody seamlessly switches from male to female vocals with Jenn and my voices being the samples.”


Current Release

Rich Aucoin
(Dine Alone Records)
Street Date: May 17th, 2019

Track List:

1. The Base
The Dream
3. The Middle
4. The Other
5. The Change
6. The Self
7. The Past
8. The Fear
9. The Mind
10. The Time
11. Release


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