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photo credit: Atiba Jefferson 



Rusty Santos is a producer and musician. He spent formative time in NYC immersed in the electronic psychedelia scene along with friends and contemporaries Black Dice, Animal Collective and Gang Gang Dance, and many other artists in their orbit. He released a pair of solo albums on the UUAR imprint and then went on to create the group The Present. He first came to prominence with Animal Collective when he produced their celebrated Sung Tongs album in 2004 and then collaborated again with Panda Bear on his landmark album Person Pitch and the more recent album Buoys. Prior to living in New York, Rusty sang and played guitar in West Coast art-punk bands from his hometown of Fresno, California and later became enamored with the possibilities of electronic music once attending his first rave. Santos now lives in LA where he is active as a producer—including Black Dice’s album Mod Prog Sic, Jackie Mendoza’s EP Luv HZ, songs for the Chilean rapper-artists LIZZ, Ginla’s album Everything—and works with songwriter Danny Parker, while again writing and producing his own music under his own name.

Current Release

Rusty Santos
High Reality
(Lo Recordings)
July 22, 2022
Pre-order HERE

Track List:

1. Dream In Stereo
2. All Things Phasin’
3. Master Zodiac
4. Symbolic
5. Apocalypses
6. Kick Out The Spirit
7. Juggernauts
8. Life Or Death
9. Child Of The Night

Photos (click for hi-res)

photo credit: (1-2) Atiba Jefferson