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Photo Credit: Bridgette Aikens




Shadowgraphs is a Portland, OR based Pysch Pop band consisting of Bryan Olson and Charles Glade.

We got back from a month-long tour last summer with a different state of
mind. Both Bryan and I were going through some emotional ups and downs in our personal lives and had to make some heartbreaking decisions, all the while writing, recording, and mixing the new songs. So the record as a whole is a reflection of this really crazy time period in our lives.

All the tracks for the new record were self-recorded back in NC
by Bryan and I with Ethan Ricks on bass and Shaun Olson on drums.
Actually, most of Bryan’s vocal takes on this were recorded later on in Portland where Bryan had a ton of time to spend on takes to finalize.

We then mixed down in Athens, GA at Chase Park Transduction again with our friend Drew Vandenberg and followed mastering in Portland, OR at Telegraph Mastering with Adam Gonsalves.

Current Release

Another Time
Golden Brown Records
Street Date: November 30th, 2018

Track Listing:

1. Another Time
2. Sun is Rising
3. I’ve Been Around
4. Before the Time
5. Silent Spring
6. Good Style
7. Fell In Love
8. Tuolumne by Night (Interlude)
9. Neighbors
10. Run for your Life
11. Peninsula Park


Pics (click for high res)

Photo Credits: (1-2) Bridgette Aikens