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Let’s play with our food!

Vivid illustrations, engaging stories, interactive games, healthy recipes, a full-length kid’s record featuring songs penned by Grammy-winning producer/songwriter James Fauntleroy (Beyonce, Kayne, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake) and punk/metal impresario Jed Maheu (Zig Zags, The Intelligence) – the Supermarket Super Group is a children’s picture book series, interactive app and rockin’ full-length album, created for kids ages 2-10, to introduce to them the importance of nutritional health, in an entertaining and innovative way.

At a time when industrial farming, genetically modified foods and the embrace of organics are issues at the forefront of every parents’ minds, Supermarket Super Group provides whimsical, informative lessons within a ground-breaking, contemporary format. We’ll follow out food-based musical super group as they embark on a series of colorful adventures at the local supermarket.

Inspired by the birth of their two daughters, Darren and Candice Romanelli, created Supermarket Super Group out of the desire to educate their own children about food, eating and nutrition, centered around a fun, family-oriented creative project. The couple drew upon their vast experience in art and marketing to develop the project, not only as a classic children’s book series, but as a fully developed multimedia initiative.

By engaging in Supermarket Super Group’s print and e-book series, a genre-spanning debut album, and playfully innovative interactive app, this family of multi-talented food friends will help children and parents alike, to experience a wonderful delicious, endlessly entertaining new world.

Supermarket Super Group is a place where foods come to life – where we sing, dance, laugh, and learn – TOGETHER!

Current Release


1. Main Mix
2. Organics
3. SSG Theme Song
4. Free To Be
5. Something Sweet
6. You Are What You Eat
7. Birthday Lollipop
8. Cookie Recipe
9. Super What Super Who
10. Lactose Intolerant
11. What Is Good
12. Punk Song
13. ABC’s


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