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Those unknown realms that exist beyond the 3 dimensional planes of this physical reality provide a tangible link to unexplored auditory landscapes.

These great mysteries that encompass this spectrum are delivered in the form of jazz, dub, ambient, electronic, and psychedelic improv. Takuya’s sharp precision, lucidity, and innovation with trumpet, synths, and pedals draw from and re-interpret the embedded foundations that were perhaps laid by Mingus, Kirk, Sun Ra, and Roy Ayers.

As we traverse the infinite narratives in ‘Mysteries of the Cosmos’ the frequencies of sound resonate comfort and longing while the dichotomy of this non-linear equation intertwined with the abstract and metaphysical touches the soul and elevate the mind.


Current Release

Mysteries of the Cosmos
[Lefse Records] Street Date: May 12, 2017

1. Jungle Jungle
2. Let Me
3. Afterwards
4. Massive
5. Mysteries of the Cosmos
6. Big J
7. Shangri-La
8. Promise
9. BeeBee
10. JXJ