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Photo Credit: Emily Beaver


Like the soundtrack to a cult film that doesn’t exist, The Bad Signs are three acclaimed artists’ ode to all that is cool.

Dig it.

Brainchild of guitarist Nat Rufus, The Bad Signs are a seedy tribute to the fringe culture of 1960’s America – the beatniks, the beehives, the bikers, the whole scene.  After ten years touring with twin brother and songwriting partner Rob Rufus in the punk rock band Blacklist Royals (Universal Music Group), inspiration struck as Rob took time off the road to edit his memoir, Die Young With Me (Simon & Schuster).

“I got the idea from this old black and white photograph,” says Nat.  “It was from ’67, just two teenagers on a motorcycle, but I wanted to start a band that sounded the way that photo looked, you know?  Like vintage rebel youth.”  The twins enlisted alt-country mainstay Samantha Harlow on lead vocals, roundly praised by Rolling Stone, CMT, and America Songwriter – her haunting performances brought something unique and critical to the group.  “She has a fragility to her voice that creates a sense of captivated unease… it’s like the sound of another time.”

So put on your shades, zip up your leather, and let your love light shine – because square is nowhere, and this is it.

The Bad Signs’ new EP, Black Magic Moments, was named an “official release” of Record Store Day 2017 – these exclusive 12” vinyls are backmasked with subliminal messages that conjure spirits when the album is spun backward.  Rob’s book, now a bestseller, recently won a 2017 National ALA Award and will out in paperback this spring.

Current Release

The Bad Signs
Black Magic Moments
Number Nine Creative Cult
Street Date: April 21, 2017

Track List:

1. Blue Love
2. Love Lock
3. Hypno-Twist
4. Nine Lives
5. Can’t Help Falling In Love (RSD exclusive)

Pics (click for high res)

Photo Credits: (1-4) Emily Beaver