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  • Press Contact: Sophie Gilchrist at Force Field PR



Timmy Vulgar, Detroit’s favorite son, and most ambitiously amphibious creative force doesn’t need much of an introduction to anyone familiar with subversive punk music over the past decade and a half. He’s been such an irreplaceable figure in each of his musical endeavors since his emergence in such legendary acts such as the Epilieptix and Clone Defects back in the late 1990s, right up through his shape-shifting efforts in the mollusk-like Human Eye and the prog-soaked Reptile Forcefield, and straight into his latest nerve-numbing scatterbomb known simply as Timmy’s Organism. (Todd Killings, Hozac Recrds)

For Timmy’s Organism Timmy Vulgar wrangles up a trio of like-minded degenerates and leads them through dismantled punk, space-blues, and debris-sodden noise with deft ease. (Larry Hardy, In the Red records)

How can KURT VILE fans sleep at night knowing that this fucking guy is out there, ruling the universe? Seriously, Timmy Vulgar — punko-futuro from EPILEPTIX, CLONE DEFECTS and HUMAN EYE — makes everyone else look like a fucking joke. (Mitch Cardwell, Maximum Rock’n’Roll)

Timmy’s Organism is the next logical step in a family of Michigan noise that includes the now defunct Pirhanas as well as Tentacle Lizardo, The Frustrations, Reptile Forcefield and even Tyvek. More stripped down and raw than anything Human Eye has done to date but no less intense. (Maurice Moore, Chicago Evensi)


Current Release

Heartless Heathen Hi Res Cover

Timmy’s Organism
Heartless Heathen
(Third Man Records)
Street Date: October 30, 2015

1. Get Up Get Out
2. Heartless Heathen
3. Please Don’t Be Going
4. Mental Boy
5. Wicked Man
6. Back in the Dungeon
7. Weather Woman
8. My Angel Above
9. Hey Eddie
10. Wounded White Dove

Pics (Click for high res)

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