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Originally formed as a solo-bedroom project by Samuelito Cruz in 2014. With interest of a few labels Cruz was convinced to record a full length record that later came out in Spring of 2015 titled LP recorded in the backyard shed of his mom’s house. As a moving transition from West End (lower east bay) to Oakland, & the falling apart of his former band Happy Diving. Cruz decided to start playing live shows with a full band consisting of hometown friends Maxwell Carver, Sean Glass & Kennan Sommer. The band has maintained the same line-up since 2015 putting out two EP’s Passing Glance & Killing Pace. Silk Road is the bands latest effort, their first studio album & sophomore full length consisting of 10 songs in just over 20 minutes. Produced & Engineered by David Kelling of Culture Abuse & Mixed/Mastered by Jasper Leach of Tony Molina. Silk Road is the defining release of the new sound of Toner as a transition from solo-bedroom pop to a blown out full band effort.

Current Release

Silk Road
(Smoking Room)
[Click here to pre-order] Street Date: April 17, 2020

Track List:

1. ’95 Slow
2. Smoov
3. Heaven’s Blade
4. Dark Ecstasy
5. B.C. Hope
6. Old Heads
7. Still Warm
8. Cherry Plaza
9. Always on Time
10. Heavy Glow

Photos (click for high-res)