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Used Cassettes have always been an unlikely drift of far-flung currents; the group may have met not far from Gangnam, but they hail from South Africa, Canada, and Detroit. Over the years they’ve broken Korea’s rock top 40, become the first gang of foreigners to ever sign with a top-tier local label, torn it up on the Asian festival circuit, and – inevitably? – starred in a comic book series read by millions. During that time they released two EP’s and a couple of hard hitting full lengths, including their acclaimed 2016 album Rock n Rills. Their most recent release, the self-titled Used Cassettes, is a thundercloud of a breakup album; a beauty of bittersweet rock n roll that still rocks out in that classic U.C. way that their diaspora of fans have come to love.

After nearly ten years and 5 albums of grinding in Seoul, the winds of life sent Used Cassettes in separate directions and the guys had to call it hiatus. The bassist set off and built a beach hut in Sri Lanka, the lead guitarist got married and moved back to Vancouver and the other two, well, no one’s quite sure what happened to them. But before they called it quits they laid down their final and most poignant record to date, the self-titled Used Cassettes. The songs here cut deep and the death of the band itself was often the impetus for coming to terms with age and separation, but it still rocks out in that classic U.C. way that their diaspora of fans have come to love. There may not be a silver lining in this thundercloud of a breakup album, but it is a beauty of bittersweet rock n roll.

Current Release

Used Cassettes
Used Cassettes
(Loose Union)
Street Date: June 5th, 2020

Track List:

1. 22 Part 1
2. It’s My Night
3. Dirty Beaches
4. Funky with Chorus
5. Gasoline
6. Eagle’s Nest
7. North Carolina
8. Little Debbie
9. Honey
10. Sour Puss
11. Street Anthem
12. Youth Group
13. 22 Part 2

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