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Looking for where it’s at in Atlanta 2019? Look no further than Warm Red. To describe them as “frenetic” would be kind. Suggesting a world where Mayyors take over the world and all bands are equally inspired by them; Warm Red hasn’t even been around for a year and is already turning every head in town. Or rather, they’re turning the heads of those that have gone out to see their furious live performances. After begging to release a single with them, Chunklet Industries is proud to release “Big Tiger” b/w “S.A.M.” which barely scrapes the surface of what Warm Red has in store. Recorded by the masterful Rob Sarabia from Mutual Jerk and Solar Flower. A corker of a single no matter which way you slice it. Essential.

Current Release

Warm Red
“Big Tiger” b/w “S.A.M.”
(Chunklet Industries)

Track List:

A. “Big Tiger”
B. “S.A.M.”

Recorded and mixed by Rob Sarabia
Mastered by Drew Crumbaugh
A Chunklet Industries Release
All Rights Reserved
Manufactured & Assembled in U.S.A.

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