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In 2010, Jamison, the person behind Teen Daze, had no idea what Four More Years would bring. That debut EP, a collection of blissful home recordings, was the work of a carefree 24 year-old. By 2012, things had changed, as they tend to do: relationships dissolved, illness affected his family, windows for outward communication were closing. The gravity of it all made for constant output; he reached for futuristic utopia with All Of Us, Together, found a devotional sanctuary inside The Inner Mansions, and embraced hibernation on Glacier. In hindsight, this was an artist coping through various forms of introverted escapism.

While proud of the material, Jamison sought to break this cycle when approaching the next record. He knew it would take a few leaps of faith, most directly: out of his bedroom…out of his comfort zone. For the first time, he gave up some control, inviting the input of others.


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Teen Daze
 ‘Morning World’ 
(Paper Bag Records)
Street Date: August 14th
Track Listing:
1. Valley of Gardens
2. Pink
3. Morning World
4. It Starts At The Water
5. Post Storm
6. Life In The Sea
7. You Said
8. Garden Grove
9. Along
10. Infinity
11. Good Night


Pics (click for high res)

Photo credit: Paulina Wiebe