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About the upcoming EP

I’ve finally decided to surrender to the universe and all the things that I cannot control. I’ll admit that I’ve lost more than I’ve won, blindly chasing a rush, taking comfort in a fleeting feeling. I can no longer try to be something I am not nor i can I lie to you or myself anymore.

I feel trapped inside my own mind, yet I believe I know what reality is. Still I question the validity of that belief. To receive and accept the enlightenment that I’ve been endowed with, however, is to accept that no matter how much I think I know, I am still ignorant and truly know nothing at all. To fall as hard as I possibly can just to rise for a glimpse of truth regardless, however minute it may be is a hard pill to swallow. But I am tired and ready to receive pure unadulterated verisimilitude for once in my life.

We are not in control of this world but rather we are simply just a tiny piece of this energetic ecosystem that we have the privilege to inhabit. I pray not for salvation but for understanding and patience. The ability to navigate the unknown and the fortitude to show peace towards the things I cannot understand.

HATE and LOVE grow from the same place. I surrender all to my enemies for I love them just as I love my family. I surrender all to my loved ones for when they see the shadow of hate within me, they can rest assured that I love them still.

KARMETIC ENERGY has shown me the beauty of both the light and the dark. It has released me, leveled me, and humbled my understanding of action and intention both of which are intrinsically connected.

I am flawed but imperfectly perfect continuously surrendering to all that I am with every breathe I draw. I care not to be accepted or validated. Pursuit of truth is my only desire.

Universe feed me, fill me knowledge and allow me to detach my inner self from this man made game of EGO and self torment. Kill the monkey mind and allow me the freedom to find peace. Let me feel and touch without judgement.

As much as we are, we are not. SURRENDER to what is for you are IT, BEAUTIFULLY nothing and FREE-dieing-OR-living in truth. Rest to-GIVE LIFE TO ONE DAY LEAVE LIFE- you DIE BECAUSE you LIVE. A true honor-to EXperience the euphoric throw of the all knowing. I LOVE YOU.

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