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Metallic Falcons ready debut LP with guests Antony & Devendra, play All Tomorrow’s Parties

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Metallic Falcons

Metallic Falcons

Thank goodness for the migration of the metal monarchs, following the rainbows from West to East! Thank goodness for the Metallic Falcons, finally opening the ancient vaults of their adobe cathedral for all to see!

These two soothsayers of nocturnal activities, bound together by fate and blood and a lifetime of musical collaboration, produce a sound most simply described as “soft metal.” Bourne out of their experiences tramping around the Great American Desert, the Falcon’s debut album “Desert Doughnuts”, to be released by Voodoo-EROS, picks up where everyone else left off.

The record is a complete song cycle of fluttering heartbeats, pumping old leather harmonies, and lighter fluid flowing so hard it threatens to bust the album’s veins.

“Desert Doughnuts” contains samples from Nico’s last trip to Disneyland, pagan songs welcoming the solstice, small hearts waiting for morning, and a tender electric fire fanned to a smolder by the fevered longing of teenagers.

Listened to from start to finish, “Desert Doughnuts” is an emotional journey of Dungeons & Dragonsesque proportions. The saintly melodies are always close to your heart while the secluded drums buzz like a growing and waning desert hum; ringing loud in your ears from the absence of any other sound.

Since being transspecied from desert falcons, these transbrothers are now living in Brooklyn and are known as Sierra Casady (CocoRosie) and Matteah Baim (Voodoo-EROS). They are joined in this recording by friends Greg Rogrove (Tarantula A.D.), Antony (Antony & The Johnsons), Jana Hunter, and Devendra Banhart. The Metallic Falcons will perform at this May’s All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival alongside Banhart, Hunter, Vashti Bunyan, and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. An early recording of their tune “Berry Metal” is featured on Voodoo-EROS’ archival compilation “The Enlightened Family” (2005).

Constructed with guitar riffs incisive enough to bring the curtain down on this world and fade up into a new one, filled with hand-rolled peyote cigarettes and sticky sage resin, old carburetors, clay-caked boots with second hand heels, and crystal colored irises– also second hand. The Metallic Falcons are angels with second hand wings. One set dark and one set light.

Finally, the sounds of a windy canyon echo as you give yourself to the wild deep abyss– track laid over track laid over track—colored by millions of years of sediment leaving their muted lines on the canyon walls.

The Falcons are modern clandestines (clan destines).

The Falcons are beer guzzling, pock-faced, desert sirens.

The Falcons are on a crusade/ on a quest for you/ going full speed to nowhere in particular.

The moment has arrived: “dawning in the desert cathedral.”

Tour dates:

05-14 East Sussex, England – Camber Sands Holiday Centre (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
with Devendra Banhart, Vashti Bunyan, Vetiver, Espers, Bat for Lashes, Jana Hunter, Danielle Stech-Homsy, Bert Jansch, the Watts Prophets, Tarantula AD, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Jandek

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