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Coachwhips plan posthumous CD / DVD set – Dwyer continues on as The Ohsees

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Narnack Records announced today plans to release Double Death, a combined CD/DVD set on May 23, 2006 from the San Francisco band Coachwhips, who broke up last year.

In some parts of the world, it’s been said that attending a performance of the late, great Coachwhips was not unlike that of a religious experience; the blind begin to see, the deaf begin to hear, water turns to wine. It’s as if time stood still for the 30 + minutes and there wasn’t anyone else on the entire galaxy but John Dwyer, his band and a few hundred electrified sweaty kids having the longest orgasm on record. It’s impossible to dispute this, trust us.

Coachwhips combined the bite of six thrash bands playing simultaneously with an uppercut of 60’s garage rock melody. A sound so furious and yet oh-so incredibly pop-laced, the second it punctures your eardrum you’ll want to tackle and French kiss the Earth’s entire population. If you never had the chance to attend one of their shows, Double Death is the set for you. The DVD features previously unseen footage chronicling the band’s short but magnificent career; from their house party days to their sticky final show in front of trillions. The CD showcases 47 minutes of rare B-sides and cover tunes that were virtually impossible to find prior to this release.

Since the demise of the Coachwhips, frontman John Dwyer has been focusing on his other band The Ohsees (formerly OCS) and has just completed a new record with Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio at the helm, titled The Cool Death of the Island Raiders which will see the light of day on June 13, 2006 via Narnack. Along with Dwyer’s distant vocals and guitar, The Ohsees features Patrick Mullins (Burmese) on percussion and newcomer, Brigid Dawson, a UK native who adds loads of soft and delightful backing vocals to the band’s signature hushed, mushed sound. It’s as if they threw a sheet of fresh, pathological playfulness over a dusty loft mattress, creating by far thee best goo-rock, bedroom folk our world has ever heard.

Coachwhips Double Death CD track list:

1. Mr. Hyde
2. My Job at the Hive
3. Prisoner 119
4. I Don’t Need You
5. ATM
6. We Are In Love
7. Mid-tempo Violent Dancer
8. Hands On…
9. Hey Fanny
10. He-C-She
11. Brains Out
12. Ringing the Chowbell
13. Fight With My Heart
14. Ghost of a Chance
15. I Don’t Know
16. Deathmachine
17. Boom Pow Awesome (The Traps)
18. Guess I’m Falling In Love (The Velvets)
19. Drowning (Gories)
20. I Gotta Move (Kinks)
21. Pigs (Icky Boyfriends)
22. Only Inch Of My Heart (Horrors)
23. Pay-N-Pac (Icky Boyfriends)
24. Whip In My Valise (Adam Ant)
25. The Witch (The Sonics)

The Ohsees The Cool Death of the Island Raiders track list:

1.The Gilded Cunt
2.The Dumb Drums
3.Turn Off
4.Losers in the Sun
5.Drone Number One
6.Island Raiders
7.Cool Death
8.Broken Stems
9.We Are Free
10.Drone Number Two
11.You Oughtta Go Home