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Peter and The Wolf tours by land and by sea, becomes energy crisis spokesman

By May 4, 2006No Comments

Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

This summer, Austin, TX based artist Peter and the Wolf (aka Red Hunter) will take to the roads, the off-roads, and even the Intracoastal Waterway on his North American tour. The only transportation for the last leg of this tour will be a sailboat, (yes, a sailboat) a fact which has garnered quite a bit of media attention over the past few days, given our nation’s current energy crisis. Hunter has become an unwitting spokesman overnight for touring musicians everywhere and their response to inflated gas prices, having spoken with MTV News, ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America on the subject. Peter and the Wolf have a self-titled CD / LP released a few months back on Hunter’s own Whiskey and Apples record label.

For the first leg of the tour, Hunter will be travelling alone but performing with local friends and musicians as a “divine orchestra of junk metal” in every town. This pick-up ensemble will reach up to 20 members in some cities, with Hunter playing guitar and singing with his orchestra providing the rhythm section. Some of these shows will be held in traditional rock venues, while some will be held at non-traditional venues far off the beaten path (which is why there are so many TBAs on the tour schedule). When he reaches the East Coast, Hunter will join forces with Castanets (Asthmatic Kitty) and Jana Hunter (Gnomonsong) for a sailboat journey along the Intracoastal Waterway from North Carolina to Maine, with tour stops held in cities along the waterway. The idea came when Red and Jana Hunter (no relation) joked over a game of pool that they should travel by sailboat to make touring the crazy adventure it should be. Also aboard the boat will be WFMU personality OCDJ who wears an eye patch as a result of a July 4th accident from a few years back (insert pirate joke here). A documentary about their voyage will be made by a young filmmaker from the groundbreaking Invisible Children documentary.

Though Peter and the Wolf is a new project, Red found himself with sudden cult status in Austin after his “Order of the Owl” performances last year which took place in off-radar venues like graveyards, abandoned buses, under bridges and even an island the audience could only reach by canoe. Photos from these shows can be seen on Hunter’s website. The kids quickly discovered there was a big demand for shows that gave quiet music the reverence it deserved, forcing the participants to take risks, jump fences, and even hide from cops in order to attend. “It was sort of a cross between throwing a rave and having a forbidden religious meeting under a communist government,” says Hunter. Fittingly, Peter and the Wolf’s summer tour and documentary will include a series of unusual venues in the Midwest. It’s limited to a few secret shows by word-of-mouth, but we can tell you that so far a barn, a burned-down house, and a crashed boxcar have all been scouted.

Learn more about Peter and the Wolf:


Thu July 6: San Diego, CA Scolari’s Office
Fri July 7: LA, CA The Echo (w/ Dios Malos & The Little Ones)
Sat July 8: LA, CA Il Corral
Sun July 9: San Francisco, CA Hotel Utah
Wed July 12: Portland, OR Towne Lounge
Thu July 13: Seattle, WA S.S. Marie Antoinette
Fri July 14: Victoria, BC Orange Hall
Sat July 15: Vancouver, BC Pat’s Pub
Mon July 17: Olympia, WA TBA
Wed July 19: Boise, ID TBA
Thu July 20: Salt Lake City, UT Kayo
Fri July 21: Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
Sat July 22: Omaha, NE O’Leavers
Sun July 23: Lincoln, NE Chatterbox
Mon July 24: Ames, IA The Practice Space
Tue July 25: Iowa City, IA The Hall Mall
Wed July 26: Columbia, MO Eastside
Thu July 27: St. Louis, MO The Ground Floor
Fri July 28: Chicago, IL Logan Square (w/ Camera Obscura)
Sun July 30: Indianapolis, IN TBA
Mon July 31: Ypsilanti, MI Banana Tina
Tue August 1: Akron, OH TBA
Wed August 2: Kutztown, PA GoodVibes
Thu August 3: Charlottesville, VA Tea Bazaar
Fri August 4: Baltimore, MD TBA
Sat August 5: Philadelphia, PA Avant Gentlemens Lodge
Sun August 6: Providence, RI TBA
Mon August 7: New Haven, CT TBA
Tue August 8: Brattleboro, VT TBA
Wed August 9: Portsmouth, NH TBA
Thu August 10: Portland, ME Strange Maine
Fri August 11: Montreal, QC
Sat August 12: Toronto, ON Tranzac
Sun August 13: Rochester, NY The Bug Jar
Mon August 14: Kingston, NY Kmoca
Tue August 15: Easthampton, MA TBA
Wed August 16: Boston, MA TBA
Thu August 17: Providence, RI TBA
Fri August 18: New York, NY TBA
Sat August 19:New York, NY TBA
Sun August 20: Norfolk, VA, Relative Theory
Mon August 21: Sailboat Tour begins in Norfolk, VA!
Fri September 8: Nashville, TN Dino’s
Sat September 9: Louisville, KY TBA
Sun September 10: Knoxville, TN TBA
Mon September 11: Atlanta, GA TBA
Tue September 12: Memphis, TN TBA

more dates to be announced soon!